High Sports Performance: Invincible Mindset Technique

I specialise in helping high performance sports people to maintain the sheer raw internal faith essential for victory.

I help prepare their mind for unexpected defeat, tough selection, fierce competition, self-doubt and the frustration of not getting past second position.

 My time tested programme causes them to develop the required techniques for resilience against the debilitating mental, emotional, psychological effects of repeated and critical mistakes.

It trains them to accept the incredible rewards and incredible hazards associated with competition at this level as well as the envy and hostility that will plague them throughout their career.

I also mentor defending champions, winners and current title holders to overcome the intense expectations and pressures of holding first position, to leverage frenzied media attention and to intelligently plan for strategic further career advancement and legacy.

My clients are typically pushing to reach the top of their game and hold it. 

They may be frustrated that their current results are inconsistently good.

I help unlock their potential, get consistently good, and then open the path to sporting greatness and mastery.


Management: Business performance turn-around, team management & leadership

Board level leaders, senior decision makers of clubs and managers of teams also invite me in to cause breakthroughs in overcoming business as well as sports performance problems. 

Business problems such as lack of clear commercial direction, ineffective club management, out of control finances, missed revenue targets,  managerial and coach recruitment and development inadequacies, media challenges, relegation threats, declining ticket sales, internal disputes, transfer negotiation difficulties, ineffective hiring and firing and leadership weaknesses.

Sports challenges such as drops in team confidence and morale, attitude problems, ineffective game strategies, poor planning, inconsistent team performance, talent drain, accountability issues, player conflicts and disputes, lack of team spirit and synergy, discipline issues, player misbehaviour on and off the field, dealing with emotions and disappointment, managing change and inspiring motivation.


Post Sports Career

Many sports people face the daunting prospect of retirement from their successful competitive career and fear the great void after sports.

I help them make plans for a powerful transition into an exciting second career that is equally fulfilling, engaging and lucrative.