Post Sports Career

  • A loss of identity after retiring.
  • A lack of clarity on new goals and the next “challenge.”
  • A struggle to move forward, as a non-athlete.
  • A loss or lack of purpose.
  • Increased sadness, loneliness, disconnect, and even depression
  • Increased risk of addiction
  • Financial issues.
  • Changes in relationships.
  • Reduced wellness and health.
  • Increased fears on the unknown.
  • A challenge with efficient and effective use of their time.
  • Adjusting to the mundanity of post-sports life can be tough.
  • The training structure was gone and I didn’t know how to cope with that.
  • Without sport, what am I?

the "Don't leave it to chance" program

This programme is designed for those professional sports people who are either entering their professional career or are at the early stages of it and have seen the devastating effects of poor planning or no planning with their predecessors or other high performing athletes who seemingly won it all then lost it all, or had a glowing sports career to then decline into a miserable non fulfilling post sports life.

They are fortunate enough that they (or someone in their support team cares enough and is encouraging them to think long term) are either already thinking about planning their entire career including their sports career for the medium and long term from the “end in mind” and not just randomly plowing forward “blind”. 

The idea is to create a situation where enjoyment, fulfillment, financial rewards, mental & physical health do not go through the typical sports success cycle that so many unfortunately experience: a rapid growth then an almost vertical climb to great sports success, fame and stardom with a parallel quantum rise in financial rewards and then after a few years or a decade at most, a sudden cliff drop with a parallel sharp drop in income and fulfillment. Then they hang on for as long as possible in a steady further decline before retirement, with little to show for in their retirement.

This is not at all unusual. Some sadly will suffer the financial drop even sooner as a result of overspend, poor or no career and financial planning and sadly possible even financial and asset loss through unethical and sometimes criminal advice received from unscrupulous third parties.

Here we apply the principal of the 5 P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance to prevent this typical situation from happening and to turn it on its head. We create and execute the plan of a successful sports career in the context of an overall life career plan that is as highly rewarding in the phase after sports and financially stable and rewarding all along.

“What you focus on is what you get. Whilst you are focusing on victory with your great sporting talent, you want to also be mapping out the long game and focusing on it.

Where needed I have access to other highly competent professional experts to assist with some of the aspects of this that do not fall within my area of expertise.


This is for sports people who are in the midst of a successful career and are starting to get worried about the day they hand up their shirt and are faced with the abyss! Where do I go from here?

“The best time to plant a tree is 30 years ago (or in this case at the start of your sports career –  see above), the second best time is today”. The sooner you get started on designing the next stage, the more options you have, the stronger a position you are in and the more time you have to develop good plans and strategies, test and execute them.

the "get my mojo working" program

For those professional sports people who are now out of professional sports, either just recently retired and are unsure of their next move, or those who have been out of professional sports for a while and are perhaps drifting from one thing to another to no avail, or finally those who are in a new career however they are not enjoying it half as much as they enjoyed their sports career and are beginning to feel drained, unmotivated and perhaps even depressed. They might also be worried that their treasure chest or savings is slowly but surely getting depleted due to their new career not “cutting it” sufficiently.

This programme is intense, tough and uncomfortable. You will probably be learning some very new skills, ways of thinking and  behaviours that are imperative for new success.

I help professional sports people who are approaching retirement or are already retired with career re-invention, planning and transition.

A big worry and fear for many professional sports people is the void that follows retirement.

It is an important aspect of their career which is often not powerfully addressed in good time.

For example many pro rugby players are faced with the terrifying prospect of retirement around 3 years before retiring yet unfortunately take little action to prepare for it.

This lack of action often leads to unnecessary financial trouble, depression, physical and mental decline, unemployment, downsizing of lifestyle, loneliness and self-doubt.

My specialised mentorship facilitates a smooth transition to the next chapter in their career and sets them up to invent and create an equally rewarding, challenging and lucrative professional life that works.