• I no longer relish the big matches
  • I do not feel I can pull through so easily. My mental toughness is insufficient or slipping
  • Struggling to prevent opponents from reading emotions and insecurities
  • Find it tough to prevent opponents from purposely getting into one’s head as a means to destabilise and cause upset. Staying cool
  • Undisciplined thoughts and images negatively affect play at critical times
  • The pressure off the court seems greater than the pressure on the court and I struggle to control it
  • My competitive spirit has taken a knock and I am at a loss on how fully to get it back


  • I am increasingly feeling intimidated by the opposition and cannot shake the feeling
  • I seem to have lost that magic touch and can’t find a way to get it back
  • I can’t seem to shake off the disappointment of having not won the tournament yet again
  • I have been increasingly struggling to deal with success and failure with a level head


  • I am mostly mastering the game technically however I am finding it harder to improve the strategy and intellect side of the game
  • My tennis is generally very good and I wish to accelerate my journey to joining the league of champions


  • Inconsistent winning performance
  • Finding it tough to weather hostile crowds and mid-match slumps
  • I no longer trust that I can, under pressure, summon up whatever is necessary to succeed, to perform well, and perhaps change the outcome of the tournament
  • Insufficiently multi-dimensional in play
  • I am finding it increasingly tough to seize the moment and rule the play
  • Insufficient ability to change one’s game according to the strength of the opponent
  • I am finding it increasingly difficult to push myself to the limits of my ability and beyond
  • I am getting stuck in my comfort zone which is gradually creating a loss of intensity, focus and energy


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